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La Mesa Tasting Room
 8364 La Mesa Blvd.
 La Mesa, CA 91942
 (619) 462-1797

Tasting Room Hours:
 Mon - Thu: 12 - 8 pm
 Fri - Sat: 12 - 10 pm
 Sun: 12 - 5 pm

Seaport Village Tasting Room
 805 W. Harbor Dr. Suite C
 San Diego, CA 92101
 619-544-WINE (9463)

Seaport Village Hours:
 Daily 10 am - 9 pm
 Weekends 10 am - 10 pm

La Mesa Winery
 8140 Center St
 La Mesa, CA 91942
 (619) 469-WINE (9463)

La Mesa Winery Hours:
 Sat & Sun: 12 - 4 pm

About Us
There's a Winery in PB?!?!
Yes! In the Rose Canyon area not far from the Karl Strauss Brewery (not to be confused with the Karl Strauss restaurants). We are an "urban winery," or "micro winery," buying grapes from local vineyards. We don't grow grapes-- that's farming, and we tend to have brown thumbs instead of green.

We've retro-fitted our warehouse space to accommodate winemaking. We have all our equipment, tanks, and supplies right here in town. Breweries make beer without growing their own barley and hops on site, right? So a winery can make wine without a country estate and chateau.

Our Mission
In the late 1700's, vineyards were planted at the Misión San Diego de Alcalá, making San Diego the first area of California to witness wine-making. Centuries later, San Pasqual Winery draws inspiration from the mission legacy, its connection to the famed Rioja region (Alcalá) of Spain, and the uniquely cosmopolitan-yet-frontier old California city of San Diego.

What does this mean when it comes to our wines? It means that we make wines that are simple yet elegant, that have a sense of old-world culture in a new context. Here, at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, San Pasqual wines are at home with sunny al fresco dining and a comfortable approach to wine appreciation. Just as the patrons of yesteryear brought old-world refinement to their "rough-and-ready" haciendas, our wines pair sophistication with down-to-earth accessibility.

Maintaining historic origins of California wine, we hand-craft small lots from grapes grown in century-old Guadalupe Valley (Baja) and from the newly resurgent vineyards of San Diego County. The Valle de Guadalupe is a little-known secret in the wine world, and is rapidly gaining accolades in the industry (while increasing fame for both the region and its wine producers). San Diego vineyards are diverse and dispersed, from coast to mountains to desert, making for unique differences in varietal character.

San Pasqual Winery seeks to highlight the communities and people who make San Diego what it is in the past, present, and future. Each varietal or blend is thoughtfully named after places and famous figures of San Diego history, fostering a strong sense of pride in our heritage.

Wines Produced:
Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache Blanc de Noir (vin gris), Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha, Syrah, Tempranillo, Passionfruit Wine, plus selected Rioja and Bordeaux style blends.

Our Staff:
Mike McWilliams
Owner/ Sales Director
Mike is originally from Glen Ellyn, IL, just west of Chicago. His love of wine grew while attending the University of the Pacific where he studied behavioral psychology. Stockton was a short drive from wine country so there were many good opportunities to get to know California wines early on- and in those days, no one charged for tasting. After a short stint as a probation officer in Stockton, Mike attended SDSU where he received his MS in Industrial Psychology, then worked as a human factors psychologist for SAIC, Hewlett Packard, and now the U.S. Navy. Along with being the co-owner of San Pasqual Winery, he's the muscle and machinery know-how at the winery. His experience in designing efficient production processes has helped with running crush and bottling operations. When Mike isn't working a hectic schedule, he enjoys Padre games, Aztec basketball, boating, and travelling with his wife Linda. Right now anytime to relax at home is great! You can reach Mike at mike@sanpasqualwinery.com.

Linda McWilliams
Owner/ Winemaker
Linda was born and raised in the Chicago area. She was lured to sunny California by a handsome guy... her husband, Mike! Linda is trained in education and special education with a Masters Degree in Speech and Language Pathology. She is also currently in the winemaker certificate program at UC Davis. Linda's love of food and wine comes from her love of cooking and baking and watching a meal evolve. "What can be better than delicious food and a great wine with family and friends?" Linda is co-owner of San Pasqual Winery and our beloved Winemaker. When she isn't working Linda loves to be on the boat with Mike. She also likes to travel, loves learning about historic sites as well as regional wines and cuisine. You can reach Linda at linda@sanpasqualwinery.com.

Brenda Nason
Event Coordinator
Originally from Alexandria, VA, Brenda has an undergrad from the University of Miami in Music & Business along with an MBA from National University. Brenda has been here in the San Diego area for 26 years. Prior to entering the world of wine, she taught Math and Business at Hoover High School in San Diego for 15 years. Brenda has an extensive background in the food and wine industry having worked for wineries in the area, and owning her own restaurant. Brenda has been working with San Pasqual since it re-opened its doors in 2009. Along with wine tasting, Brenda enjoys playing games (card & board), listening to live music and traveling. "I love experimenting with wine pairings and food, because when you find that right combination, it's truly magical." You can contact her at brenda@sanpasqualwinery.com.

Darrell Grant
Winery Representative
Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Darrell moved to California at the age of 7 where he grew up in San Diego. In 1996, after 11 years of study, Darrell became an ordained Spiritualist Minister. In 1999, he started making mead from the honey collected from his beehives. It was this that sent him into the world of wine. From that simple beginning, his appreciation of wine grew. In the autumn of 2006, after returning from Tuscany, Darrell came up with a new idea for traveling with wine. Two years later Darrell and his partner were issued 3 patents (US, EU and Australia) for the Wine Bearer. Darrell has worn many hats from cabinetmaker, gold/silver smith, entrepreneur, investor, landscape designer, minister, and currently wine making. Darrell met Linda McWilliams in a wine making course and started working for San Pasqual Winery a few months later. San Pasqual, being a small family owned winery, has given Darrell more opportunities for learning and growth in the field he loves. He currently serves wine at the La Mesa tasting room, creates the winery's new bottle labels, helps with annual crush, and is learning the art of wine making. This is in line with his dream to one day own his own winery. This career path is ideal for Darrell as his personality is very positive and social. He loves sharing his love for wine with people. In Darrell's spare time, he writes a blog (manfreenow.wordpress.com) and is currently working on a book. He also enjoys hiking, traveling, painting, and visiting wineries. You can contact Darrell at darrell@sanpasqualwinery.com.

Sheryl Huffman
Winery Representative
Born outside of Tokyo, Japan, Sheryl moved to San Diego at the ripe old age of 3, so she considers herself to be a  native . While working as a flight attendant, Sheryl earned a B.S. in Biochemistry from UCSD. Prior to working at SPW, Sheryl worked at a biotech company, as a chemist for 5 years, and then worked as a SW Test Manager at a high tech company for the next 10 years. In addition to her interest in movies, traveling, reading, music and sports, Sheryl has a passion for wine. Sheryl earned  The Professional Certificate in the Business of Wine , from SDSU, CES. This program increased her passion for everything wine, due to the vast amount of information there is to learn about wine, from vineyard management, terroir, food and wine pairing, to wine chemistry. Sheryl would someday like to incorporate her love of wine with her biochemistry background, and feels that this would be the perfect way to  come full circle . Sheryl can be contacted at sheryl@sanpasqualwinery.com.

  Sales Mike McWilliams 619-823-5206
Winemaker: Linda McWilliams